Birch 1.5mm (1/16")

Wondering if anyone has attempted non-GF 1.5mm birch and if so what settings to use please - I am having lots of burnt edges and running about 3 passes which my gut feeling says it seems like heavy lifting for such a thin material. Would like to know if this is kind of normal?
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1.5 mm birch, solid or ply?

Either way, this is probably what you need:

If it’s 1.5mm, I’d say you should be able to do it easily in one pass, in the 250/full range on a pro. A little slower on a basic.

…but that’s just a guess for a starting point, that test strip will let you get it dialed in.


Hi Evansd2,
That is brilliant, Thank You - Yes, I did suspect what I was doing was not quite right. It is ply but the glowforge seems to do thicker birch (3mm) in two passess at 350 on Full, so all seems a bit percuilar. Huge thank you for the information - I am away from the office at the moment but look forward to giving it a go ASAP.
Thank you, Kindest regards Amber

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I cut 3mm birch all the time in one pass. Is there a reason that you’ve needed two? I don’t use 350 speed, I run it at 200/Full for my Basic and I have no problems. Lately I’ve been using a different birch and I’ve been using PG Medium Draftboard settings for it since it’s a bit harder to cut, but again, single pass.

I don’t have a banana for scale, but here are some earrings I cut from 1/8inch birch with those settings, they are about 1" high and all those little stars I drew cut out without charring and still look like stars (I did mask the wood though, which is why it looks so clean).

@evansd2 link is very useful. Have you tried PG veneer settings? I usually start with PG settings for similiar materials if I couldn’t find it on the forum (which is hardly never, I always find great settings on here)


Nice, nice earrings! Love the design. Good laserwork.

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