Birthday sign

I have been crazy busy at work for the post office and I forgot to order a sign for my lawn for my daughters birthday. When I called our local company they were booked.
So I said I can do that with my GF. Material only available in white so it was a few nights process had to spray paint it. But I am not very creative sadly. Trying to learn. But I wanted to add some extras so I was able to make a lacrosse figure out of the acrylic I had on hand I was extremely pleased when I went to the new trial shapes area put in spike or lawn spike and I printed one glued it to my figure and was able to just put it on the lawn.


Well done!!
And by the way, you post office folks are amazing!


Thank you definitely has been a experience delivering threw this. But I have so
many nice customers they had the kids make cards and all kind of stuff. Wont lie
the packages have been insane but people had to receive stuff. especially the toilet paper lol


Very festive looking! And, yes, thanks for all you do re post office! We all rely on you sooooo much.

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Nice!! My son’s birthday was on Sunday, we don’t have a big lawn, but last minute I made a custom cake topper for him out of acrylic…sometimes I forget that I can make things for my own family.


Glowforge for the win! You did a great job and just think, now you can do all sorts of birthdays by just changing the name. Of course it would be handy if everyone’s name in your family consisted of the same letters, rearranged. :laughing:

And I am deeply grateful for your support, as well as all the other delivery people, during this crisis.


Great job! These lawn signs are quite the rage. I’m working on a cardboard one now for a drive-by baby shower.

I appreciate the staff of the USPS and all other delivery groups. From a young age, the Post Office was a favorite, whether a letter or a package.

Hey there. how big are the letters? I’m looking to make a sign for my sister but my letters are not coming out that big. I saw that it should be 18 inches tall but mine are half the size.

I measured my H lol it is 15 inches. They are a
Little smaller than the ones you can’t rent. But that was the biggest I could make it.

thank you so much for helping me out. Mine is about the same so it is definitely smaller than what we can buy. i guess i will have to make it work. My Cricut can actually cut longer but not wider than 12 inches. maybe ill try it and compare to see what looks best.
Again thank you so much.

Thank you for posting this!!! My youngest son is turning 25 in 6 days — I need to go make a quick trip to Home Depot or Lowes for a curbside pick up ---- I hadn’t even thought about doing yard signs. Last time I did something I spent a lot of money on 21 plastic pink flamingos ---- this time it will be so much cheaper to do!

What font, if you don’t mind me asking, did you use? I have so much going on this week that I am just a bit nuts — and his birthday coming up very quickly. It looks like the yard in the picture is bigger than his so if you don’t mind giving me an idea on the size the letters are it will help — he lives under an hour away so basically I have to make it and hope it fits the yard. What fun what fun! Thanks for the ideas!

The letters I did the full bed as big as I could the H I measured is 14X10. I had no time to ordered the colored plastic so
Had to spray paint. Just make sure I ruined a few pieces that you cut the length right so the holes are at the bottom of the letters. Lol was in a rush and did one incorrect. I have to go check don’t.