Happy birthday yard sign

I am brand new to glowforge. I want my first project to be a happy birthday yard sign for my 6 year old. I want it to be as large as possible. I can glue pieces together if needed. Any material works. Does anyone have experience? Can this be done?

Several results if your search for “lawn sign”…

Unless the birthday is tomorrow, I would suggest that you spend some time on the basics first. What you’re talking about is definitely possible, but it’s a somewhat advanced project. Not the most complicated, but a little advanced.

I’d take a day or three really digging into the fundamentals first, then you’ll be ready to take on the larger project.

I’d start by really diving in to everything linked here:

Get a drink and a snack and settle in, it’s a lot of material.


Welcome to the group.

Here is an example. Drive-By Baby Shower Sign.

I swear there is another example, but I didn’t seem to find it in a quick search.

Edit: Here is the one I was thinking of… Birthday sign.

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Lots of options. You can start with a board from your local hardware store cut down to the size you want. Or you can cut individual letters on your GF. Just make sure you use a material that will weather well. Hint: Proofgrade ply isn’t it. You’ll probably need to seal it regardless (depending on how long it’s outside), but PG ply has an MDF core and it really doesn’t play well with moisture.

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