Bitmaps can only be engraved

I got a file from etsy for Christmas ornaments. Its an SVG file. When I try to use it and set it on cut, the cut option is grayed out and when I hover over it I get the following message:

The bitmap files can only be engraved.

But I do see the seller has used the file to cut not engrave

What am I doing wrong?


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Welcome to the community!

Which design software are you using? Yes, a bitmap can only engrave, to cut you need a vector. In Inkscape (free design software) You would go to “Path>Trace bitmap” which will result in a vector drawing. A vector can be set to cut or score (a score is just a cut that doesn’t go all the way through).
In Inkscape you can tell which you are looking at by “View>Outline mode”. A bitmap will show as a red square with an “X” across the design, while a vector will show the design.


SVG is a container file - it can contain both rasters and vectors. I would suggest going back to the Etsy seller and letting them know the one they sent is a raster and can they send the vector.


^^ That’s a good idea.
However, the time you spend learning a design program will pay you back many times over by allowing you to unleash your own creative potential, instead of having to buy files!

Whichever avenue you take, enjoy the adventure, the community is always here to help. :sunglasses:


Thank you

I have that and will try to do trace path and see


After you trace it, both the images will be stacked, just drag one off to the side and remember that view outline tip to identify what is what.

Oh perfect


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You’re welcome! Have fun customizing your holiday! :star_struck:

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Thanks for the answer @PrintToLaser , that’s right. I’m going to close this thread @AlisterH - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!