Black cable did not fix

My glowforge has been down more than a month now. I finally got a replacement black cable and it did not fix the issue. What else can I do?

Uh-oh! Support is going to have to take a closer look at it, and it might involve having to send the machine in for repair, so wait to hear from them about what your next options are.

(But check to make sure you have the box and orange bits on hand, just in case.)

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I do have them, this has just been a horrible time as it has not worked since November. I have orders that I was working on that are for Christmas, I notified the people I was waiting on a part but of course will not have a replacement prior to Christmas.

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Agreed, the whole world is coming apart right now, and it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it.

Parts are not available, shipping has become very unreliable, people who want to work are locked down and can’t work, prices are skyrocketing. Everyone is looking for someone or something to blame, but you might as well blame the tide for rolling in…there’s no way to stop it.

You’ll need to let the people who were waiting on their orders know you will not be able to provide them ASAP so they can make other arrangements for their gifts.

Try to ride it out, you’re not the only one.


Sorry the black cable didn’t fix the issue. My glowforge has only gone down once and fortunately, the black cable was the solution. I was so nervous replacing it!


me too, I’m only 5’4" so I had to get a step stool just to reach it. I was hoping someone would have a way to fix it without having to return it and wait weeks!

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When you say it didn’t fix it…what is it doing or not doing now? I had to replace mine and even though I’m taller than you, I had a heck of a time reaching all the connectors, too. Double check your connections, though. Mine didn’t work either until I looked at everything again and saw that these tiny black parts were just not snapped in correctly.


thank you, since I still have no response from Glowforge I’m going to double check this. did your lights still work? my lights are on and it cut one piece and stopped working again. It says camera did not take a picture and the laser head and are are not moving.

Well, it does sound like your problem and mine were different, as mine didn’t work at all and yours seems to be sporadic. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

I did double check the cable, because at this point I would try anything but it all looks to be in place.

I replaced mine and at first nothing worked. Then I found that the bottom piece was not secured properly and one side worked so I fiddled with the other side and it worked! However, there are so many tricky bits to replacing it I was amazed that I did not break it while installing it. I think many do indeed break it while fixing it and end up with the same or similar problem.

Only Support could tell you for sure.

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Hello! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.