Black cables in stock! $20 cable, $25 shipping

If you’ve been waiting on a black cable, they’re back in stock. I’ve had one go bad in the past and luckily had a spare at the time. Got a couple of more on order now. I just had to order two, it pained my soul too much to order one for $20 and then have to pay $25 shipping. SO, I ordered two and feel much better.


Yes, it’s painful.

Now it will be interesting to see if the black cable I sent (the only one I had) to a desperate person on the forum, will be replaced. Although I know they received it due to tracking, it’s been crickets ever since.


Wow…that’s not cool at all. I have a spare one which I’ve been tempted to send to a desperate person, but decided that I would probably no sooner send it to someone else than mine would fail and I’d beat myself over the head because I was being ‘helpful’.


That’s sad. Hopefully they will replace.


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