Black Lid Cable! Down since Wednesday. I NEED HELP 😩


I was wondering is anyone had an extra black lid cable and was willing to sell it to me and over night it. I would pay for the shipping and part. I’m desperate :weary: orders keep on coming in! My Glowforge has been down since Wednesday. I haven’t heard from support since Thursday after troubleshooting and coming to the conclusion I needed a black lid cable! I have replied to the same person “Marc” and my emails have been lost in the Glowforge universe. Extremely disappointed with this company! How can they advertise a product for a business and not have the support to tackle issues! I have a Pro and would be so grateful if a black lid cable magically appeared and save me!

Thanks :pray:t3:

Covid is like the Spanish Inquisition… Nobody expected it.

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Is not about COVID is about por customer service.
Been waiting on a email response for 4 days now. Their service is horrible!!!

We’ve been in communication by email, and this thread seems to be quiet, so I’m going to go ahead and close.

We are working HARD to replenish and maintain inventory during the pandemic, speed shipping, and provide faster responses from customer success.