Black Lid Cable fried at connection

I can’t find a thread on this in the support section. I had to replace my black lid cable. Glowforge (Basic) would not calibrate at all. Only the exhaust fans and lid lights were running. Got the new black cable on - which I’ve had for a while now - and when I turned the Glowforge back on, the connection on the short part of the cable literally flamed and burned. That white card the cable connects to is now trash. Do I consider the whole unit trash, or can that one piece be replaced?


This is not something they sell as a spare part, so you’ll have to replace the whole machine.


That sucks. I’ve only had the machine for 2 -1/2 years, and not really used it as heavily as I had anticipated during that time (thanks, Covid). I guess I’m either going to have to find a more affordable and serviceable laser cutter or do without. I have had to replace 3 of my most expensive pieces of equipment already since Spring. I can’t justify spending another $3k on a new basic when I’ve had that much down time on the first one.

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You wouldn’t need to buy another one, you’d email this photo to and get a quote to repair or replace this one. It will cost much less than a new laser either way. Once you have a working Glowforge again, you can get at least $2500 cash selling it to put towards something else if you want something more serviceable.


Thanks. Maybe I can do that, then. I’m sure the back and forth shipping is going to cost a lot, but at least I still have the original packaging.

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I am having the same issue with no help from Glowforge. I was only able to use my machine for two months before the lid came off the hinges and the connection fried. It don’t make sense that i would have to send my new glowforge back to get a refurbished glowforge and still have to pay for it. I wish i would have done more research before i made this purchase. Maybe we should all consider filing a class action lawsuit against them!

If you purchased your Glowforge two months ago, it is still under warranty and the lid coming loose would be an automatic replacement.

I have found that Glowforge honors their stated warranty and has been generous with regard to replacements when machines were past warranty.


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