Black lid cable not shipping to United Kingdom

Hi, I’m reaching out to find out how I can purchase a black lid cable in the UK. I’ve only had light use of my Glowforge and have had my first “Lid camera didn’t take a picture” error. Looked at the online store and can see the black cable for sale and need one urgently to complete an order. But the shop doesn’t allow me to add to cart. Also, Hobbycraft here in the UK don’t stock them. Please can you advise how I can get one as soon as possible.

Thank you
Steve Quin

I’m sorry to hear that you’re sort of in a stuck situation. Unless another user on here has one that they would send to you, you’ll need to contact They no longer monitor this forum and we’re only able to offer personal suggestions and ideas on here.

Thanks Xabbess, I have also contacted now

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