Black Palm - won't cut through

Has anyone had success cutting black palm?
It almost doesnt seem to matter what the thickness is, it cuts through to the last thin shred and wont go through to the other side. I have tried BP cut at 5mm and 3.5mm …

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Support can’t help with non-proofgrade materials, I’ll move this to the appropriate forum for you.

There’s a search feature at the top of every page, you can use it to find previous discussions, for example:

(and others)…

Sorry to say it seems like it’s not suitable for the laser.


A quick search would have shown you that there are several users experiencing the same behavior.

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What ever the power you want to set the thickness at the actual thickness (unless you actually want a wide burn mark), Think of the laser as an hourglass that you want the thinnest most concentrated part to do the actual cutting, By raising the height you are trying to cut with less concentrated power than the actual height.


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