Black semi-circle on print preview page

Recently, after wiping the lenses, I noticed a black semi-circle appearing at the bottom of the bed preview/alignment page. I tried re-focusing the lid camera by twisting it, thinking it just went out of focus, but the only times it isn’t there is when the image is so distorted that it can’t read the proofgrade QR code. Anyone else run into this?

No, there is nothing on the lens, I checked repeatedly

a Picture is worth 1000 words :slight_smile:

Take a screen grab and let us see what you’re seeing


Some circles are artifacts of the dewarp process. You normally shouldn’t see them.

They are visible in this picture:

The lens should be glued in place and normally cannot be adjusted.

I have a sneaking suspicion that you’ll be getting a replacement unit.

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It’s supposed to be sealed in place so you can’t do that. So be very careful focusing it yourself. Your fisheye-correction profile may no longer be correct.

Thats what I was talking about.

I got it to work okay after refocusing, but yeah, if that isnt supposed to move, then thats a problem. It took almost no pressure to partially screw/unscrew it.

This is what it looks like as of my last cut (post manual re-focusing), almost exactly like Scott’s image, but visible on the material

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m taking a look, and I’ll be in touch when I have more information.

Thanks for your patience.

Like @Tom_A mentioned, your wide angle camera should have been locked into focus.

Unfortunately, this focus issue is one that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.