Bladerunner 2049

Good Afternoon!

Since the pencil sketch art style of the AC: Valhalla image seems to engrave so well (and be well liked), I wanted to include a couple more movie poster-style pieces of wall art. This time, for my favorite movie Blade Runner 2049.

Files are in the zip file attached and the raster engraves do include the text, but I left in the vector layers so that people could try doing some inlays if needed. If you’re not planning to cut out the text, you ignore that layer. No cut-outs for wall nails this time as I’ve taken to hiding the hangers on the back.


That your artwork? Outstanding! :grinning:


My filters and image effects, definitely not my artwork. These are just some of the tricks that I’ve been trying to get my maps into an engraveable format, and I just really like them in images like this as well. They tend to engrave very well


Is the zip file showing up for anyone else?

Here is a google drive download link if the attachment in the first post isn’t showing up for you.


Wow very nice.

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Hey, I have not received my forge yet, hopefully in the next week. How do you set up your files for engraving. I do a lot of pen and pencil on paper, that would be great engraved. Do you have a method that works well for converting?


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What design program are you planning on using? There are several choices. Depending on your choice, someone familiar with that program can chime in to help you or point you in the right direction.

My daughter has drawn several things for me. I scan them using my phone then import them into Adobe Illustrator, my choice.

I am using Adobe Illustrator… I have access to the whole adobe suite. I have recently gotten a graphics tablet for
for direct drawing into the app! However, I don’t see it fully replacing paper. Not having my forge on hand yet, I may
be asking questions seem silly, but I hate to wait for it to get here to start learning more!

Thanks for the help!.

@achilles7ls - I am by no means a pro and I’m learning as I go, but my biggest trick is to use LunaPic to convert photos to a style that will engrave well. The best ones that I have found are Art->Escher (my favorite) and Effects->Pencil Sketch->Scribble. There are a lot of tools out there that will convert photos to a sketch style, but I’ve had the best luck with LunaPic results translating to a clear engrave.

After that, I bring the raster in to inkscape, clip it and export it back out as a png to remove the portions I don’t want engraved (since the glowforge interface doesn’t respect clipped rasters). Then I bring it back in and add a border. On some of my more recent examples, I also cut out portions of image to create some nifty wall pieces. Getting a little better as time goes on, but haven’t had much time to work on it lately. Here’s a couple recent examples.


They look great! Thank you!

thank you

Really nice

Blade Runner is one of my top five movies. I do like 2049 but only have watched it once. Nice share.

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