Block Print, Trial Features and Postcards

Tonight a group I belong to is having a Zoom postcard writing party.(


  • I had no postcards.
  • I’ve been quite remiss in not trying the new GF Premium Trial features yet.
  • I took an online block printing class a few days ago and it was on my mind.

But I do have piles of craft supplies!

This is certainly not the best design I’ve ever come up with but from start to stack of ready to use postcards only took an hour and was actually lots of fun. Combining high tech with hand craft always cheers me up. And don’t we all need a little cheer in these darkest timeline moments?

  • cut Premium trial graphics from EVA craft foam.
  • use the Outline function to cut backing blocks from 1/8" BB ply, 2 layers.
  • glue everything together.
  • load up my new stamps with block print ink and a dauber made of folded shop towel in a binder clip and print away!


That is a great idea! Love it!


Very cool, very creative! I envy you the fun you had doing this…one of my work buddies writes postcards for that organization also, and does colored pencil drawing on each one…I figure that adding any kind of artwork increases the attention your message will get…


Darnit - something else I’ll have to try now :slight_smile:


What a wonderful idea! Something similar would make a great project for kids, I would think. And I think your design is perfect!


Thank you and kudos to your work buddy! It’s amazing that he creates a new piece of handmade art for each postcard. :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


Thanks :smile: it gets the message across!

Fantastic! I love crafty mail!

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This is the perfect use for the trial features!

Now I need some foam…

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