Blue handle to lens

I cleaned my lens. Put it back in wont cut. Therefore, I tried to pull this blue thing & it broke. What now? I can’t remove this piece so I can get back to work.

might want to give a pic or two so we can see what you are saying broke. No guarantee we can help any, but without seeing what you mean, it’s difficult at best.

I’m sorry. This is all new to me since September.

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ooh… that’s the mirror. Ummmm… That’s not the best, but I assume when you tip it upside down it doesn’t just fall out? I thought the mirror was just sitting in the spot and wasn’t magnetized like the lens. I would first thing, email support and tell them you need a new mirror for the print head. Send them that picture you just posted. They are very very slow lately so fingers crossed you get lucky and they take care of you in short order. If it hasn’t been rotated in any way you may still be able to use the machine but since it would be difficult to tell since you can’t remove it… I wouldn’t try. You could wind up needing a whole new print head.

It MAY be possible to remove it with a q-tip from the bottom if you remove the lens as well. I have personally never removed mine so I cannot guide you much further. Some people have a lot more experience with cleaning those optics and might hop in here to give you better guidance.

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The mirror simply seats onto a machined surface, unlike the lens which is held vertically by a magnetic ring as it moves up and down to focus. The mirror should just drop in place and pull out (or drop out when inverted) with no effort.

The foam ring simply provides the “give” to allow the alignment needed for the machined surface it seats onto, with light pressure against the plastic handle when inserted correctly and the head lid re-installed.


When you say rotated, what do you mean?

Ok, I understand what you are saying. Will this affect by ability to print? I used the magnet to pull the lens out with and clean. Putting it back in as arrows indicate. Still won’t print.

You are posting pics of the mirror and the broken handle. You are commenting on the lens. Which is it?

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(if it was my machine, I’d try re-attaching the mirror to the handle by putting a small drop of CA on each side of the foam pad you have in your pic)


I was commenting on the handle. I was showing the foam piece and where it broke from.

What is CA


cyanoacrylate adhesive, also known as “superglue”
Edit - Kanati beat me to it.


Here is the mirror when it is attached to the blue handle. If you remove the printhead and tip it over, your mirror will fall out. Catch it and don’t let it land on a hard surface. You can probably glue the handle back to the sponge, then glue the sponge back to the mirror.


I’d complain and make them send me a new mirror. Email, they’re the only ones who can help you.


I guess I pushed too hard, and the lens piece has disconnected. My oh my…

Your mirror may have been incorrectly adhered to the handle when you got it. Please see the section here pertaining to wiping the mirror to understand how to remove, clean and replace the mirror.

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That is the mirror which just sets lightly in the hole and the magnetic lid holds it in place. No pushing, twisting or bending required. But now that it is broken…

The lens is in the bottom of the head. A separate magnetic blue cylinder tool is used to remove and insert the head. All of which is shown on the GF Support pages.

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That is a mirror, not a lens.

You need the lens tool (provided) to clean the lens, which is in the bottom of the head. The mirror simply slides out. First time I’ve ever seen one break like that but I’ve only been here since 2016.

This is all documented.


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