Board Game - Pai Sho Board and Tiles

Oh gosh, this is great!

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Thanks! has the files I use for whatever I can share, and had a link to a forum post where I document the materials and settings I use, etc. See my Instagram for more examples of everything I make -

And let me know if you have any questions! Technically I have some pre-cuts I do when making boards to get things just right out of my machine that I still need to share.

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And let me know if you would like to join me in making Pai Sho sets - I cannot keep up with the requests for orders I get and can send many your way.

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This is really cool. I’m a long time Airbender fan (except the movie, but we don’t talk about that…), but must have missed this post! Definitely going to check it out and maybe make a board! Thanks!

Oh, and I’d possibly be interested in joining you in making the boards…shoot me a message with a bit more detail and we’ll see if maybe it’s something I can take one?

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This is so neat - I love the way the GF can help people find a niche and fill it and even grow the niche. Very cool.

is there a place to buy the file for this. My daughter and son in law would love this

It doesn’t look like the OP (@thejambi) has an online store listed in their profile. You might be able to contact them at the website they listed to find out about the file. They have not been active on here for about a year.


Thank you

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Hi! This was the first version. I make all the designs I can freely available at my Design Downloads page - Design Downloads – The Garden Gate – Pai Sho Games . Join in the Pai Sho community Discord from to get involved and learn more! If you feel thankful for the work I’ve done to bring Pai Sho to life, there are links on the site to support with a one-time donation or on Patreon. You can see pictures of my work on Instagram, too -


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