Board Game - Pai Sho Board and Tiles

Pai Sho is a formerly-fictional board game seen in Avatar: The Last Airbender - all that’s shown in the series is the board and a few of the game pieces - no rules are given. Over the years, fans of the show have worked to build real rules to make a real game that felt true to the show. The most popular versions of those fan-made rules needed a lot of work, so I rebuilt it into a game that’s fun, strategic, and playable (and I called this ruleset Skud Pai Sho).

Then I made The Garden Gate - a place to play Skud Pai Sho (and a couple other completely different fan-made takes on the game) online with others. If you click that link, you’ll see what the board and tiles look like there.

Well, here’s what they look like now that I have some cherry, walnut, and maple plywood at my laser’s command :slight_smile:

The board is 18 inches across, so the tiles are just shy of an inch. And here it is with some example tiles:

The tiles pictured there are maple plywood. Printing a full set of hardwood tiles is coming up soon. I’ve been giddy lately because of the beautiful engraves I’ve been getting. Here’s an example in maple hardwood:


Yeah the detail on those is fantastic! Great job on the board and the tiles! :grinning:


No clue about the game, but that board is a piece of art!


Yes!! This is great!!

your avatar makes more sense now…


Thats gorgeous!


I’m so torn by all the gorgeous board games I see on the forums. On the one hand, holy moly you guys are making some great stuff. On the other hand, if I make a game, then I gotta play it, which means less laser time.



Haha indeed! And I completely forgot about it when I said the thing about seeing the board by going to my website instead. Didn’t have to look that far after all :slight_smile:

Nothing better to do while lasering than playing a game, though! Well, except for weeding masking…

I know nothing of the game but the board and tiles are beautiful.


You beet me too it, and you did an EXCELLENT job! :smiley: Thanks for sharing!

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If you ever have any questions about anything Pai Sho, let me know. I’m practically the physical embodiment of all that is Pai Sho by now, having started work on all this Pai Sho work over two years ago.

Fantastic… I will probably be asking you questions when I get my glowforge… which wont be till the air filters are available.

I’ll be happy to help!

Until then, if you’re interested you should join me in some games to try out the different variations at The Garden Gate, and also try out Paiko which is inspired by Pai Sho.

I’m already up and running selling these tiles, so if you really can’t wait… :wink:

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Whoa, padauk is awesome.


Beautiful work! I love all the details. The board is great and the pieces on top of it are stunning.

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Had to share this picture of a game today.


Beautiful. Do you have the dovetails in the design for assembly/disassembly for use or did you use for permanent jointing?

Yeah, like those colors!