Bone and Tagua Nut Settings

Hey folks, here are the settings I used (current as of 24 Oct 2017) for engraving on bone and tagua nut, as shown in this post.

Speed: 1000
Power: 30
LPI: 340, 1 pass
Greyscale: Convert to dots, range 1-100
File format: PNG


This is about what I use as a starting point for most types of stone. (Makes sense; bone is largely mineral.)


Have you tried to cut a tagua nut – a slice of one? Never having worked with them, I am not sure it is even possible.

I bought these sliced, but you can buy them whole as well. It might require lapidary equipment to slice them.


Thank you.

Thank you, @Cynd11!

I think you can do with a coping saw or equivalent, but it would be a pain. (And that may also qualify as lapidary equipment…)