Boo (Super Mario World) for Festively Spooky Decorations



Hey all, I won’t be getting my Glowforge in October, but I’d thought it’d be neat to make some nerdy, retro, spooky Halloween decorations. This is a modified version of the Boo sprite from Super Mario World that works as one solid, connected piece. I imagine if you used some white plexiglass, foam core, or poster board, you could make some spooky wall hangers. Or perhaps clear acrylic that you can hang off of some colored lights.

Download: booSprite

I’ll give it a shot at the end of November (:frowning:) but if y’all get a chance to do something with it, please share pictures.



Oh, those would make cool little colored acrylic dangles for Halloween. Fun idea! :grinning:


If you wanted some for this halloween, I’m sure you could convince someone here to print for you. If you are close enough to someone with their :glowforge:, I’m sure they might enjoy having you over to print this. (Just a guess, but I’ve seen it before in the community, time and again.)


My son really wants to put the xmas tree up now and decorate for halloween…lol. We may just do that…put a little circle hanger on top for a hook to hang on the tree…
We have the i-twinkle tree so I can set the lights to what ever color to match


Here it is in White acrylic

And here on clear acrylic, for led light strings as demonstrated by @rebecca. Sadly I didnt have any AAA batteries to light up my string :tired_face:


Well, they look great. But now you have two ghosts you can’t turn your back on. I hope you don’t get stuck between the two!


Didn’t this sprite make its debut in Super Mario 3? That was the last one I played, and I remember it, hence the guess. :slight_smile:


Nope! The sprite used in SMB3 was very different from SMW.

On the left, Super Mario World. On the right, Super Mario Bros. 3.


I have to say I prefer the version in Glowforge teal.


Yeah, when they were first added those guys were just absolutely MEAN.

Then they got better graphics and became kawaii instead of kowai


(sees this post one year after the fact) Hey this is great! <3 Since it’s almost Hallowe’en again I’m workin’ on a Boo-themed project, too! I haven’t posted about it, but I’ve taken to engraving my boos on both sides, with the angry on one side and the shy boo on the other, so they can get bashful if you want them to. <3



Love this…!