Pre-Release | Festive Light Strings (beginner project)

When I purchased a Glowforge, I was completely new to illustration design software. Because of this, it took me hours to figure out how to design the simplest things I wanted to print on a Glowforge. (And, I can’t wait until the Design Catalog is available!)

As a beginner, I am always so grateful when someone posts project files I can try. So, while this is a modest project, I thought I’d post a file of something I made (to pay forward the favor).

The idea is to personalize sting lights with acrylic disks that are easy to switch out. That way I don’t need to buy different strings for each festivity. Besides, it’s easier to store a stack of little disks than it is to store several light strings (and, as a bonus, disks don’t get tangled together).

If you’re a beginner (like me) and want to try this project, here’s what I used.


Here is a blank SVG outline for cutting out disks. They will only fit the lights listed above. (It’s a snug fit by design.) I’ve tested the file in the GF App, it works.

Blank 1 inch disks for Ashland Shimmer Lights

To grab a copy of the SVG simply right click and save.

If you have limited software design skills, you can save this SVG and drag it into the GF App’s main design page. When it opens, you can move the disks around and “Add Artwork” (PNG, JPG, or GIF) to each little disk.

If you use Proofgrade, then once your design is ready, just select “Print.” This project uses Glowforge’s automatic settings.

The disks are only 1 inch in diameter. If someone wants larger disks, let me know and I can post another file with larger disks. (Or, maybe some folks want to post their own to share?)

If anyone happens to doll-up a set of stringed lights with acrylic, please post. It would be great to see what folks make!!


Those are incredibly cute! What a great idea to switch them out for the holidays too! :grinning:


Oh wow, I love this! Just can’t get enough of the edge-lit acrylic. :grin:

I’m thinking it would be nice to also see this in Free Laser Designs so folks can find it easier.

Thanks so much for sharing!


yet another thing I have to put on my list to do. These are so very cool.


Very cute! Thank you for the file, and the links.


These are great!! I have a string of lights like this somewhere…gotta find them now…lol


You do? Awesome. If you find them, might you post a pic? I’d love to see them!


Well its just the string of lights…will have to make up some designs…lol. But I’ll pst them when I do…might use fluoro acrylic


This is a great and creative idea!


Those are sweet and a great idea! Thanks for sharing your design!


I like anything that works with lights. Those are excellent!


Really clever using the little string lights for edge lighting.


Love them. I’ve had a similar idea on the back burner, but was trying to figure out the best way to clip them to the lights. It looks like just a tight friction fit is working for you?


The tight fit of the lights is working. However, I don’t know if I like the bright light showing at the top. I am trying to think of a way to cover the edges of the LED bulb. Maybe just some acrylic paint? Dunno yet. :upside_down_face:

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Maybe engrave some kind of little dome or half moon shape on the front/rear face where the light is inserted and make it part of the design element? It would at least look integrated and you would not have to spend a lot of effort trying to conceal the light.


Great idea, thanks! I will need to use Proofgrade “thick” acrylic instead of the “medium.” The medium is already flush with the diameter of a light. Now, off to the GF Shop.

Thanks for the idea! If I can get it to work, I’ll post the SVG for folks who might be interested.


Yeah, do…that would be great! I’m curious to see if it worked.
Or, since these are already round, maybe a 3-sided shape would be a better design, almost like you cut a hexagon in half. You know?


this is a super fun idea, and very clever. i would never take my lights down, just swap out calendar-appropriate dongles.


We’re thinking along the same lines. It might make outdoor holiday lights easier to deal with.


i don’t think i’d do these on outdoor lights, if i’m honest, since i don’t think you’re really going to see much detail from a distance, which is where holiday lights are mostly seen. but i think these could be tons of fun in specific rooms (especially for kids).