Book/Art Stand


It may seem a little silly … I dunno. But this is my first ‘3D’ pattern that I actually made and I’m super proud of it. :grin: Everything so far had been either a Glowforge pattern or a flat piece. I’m learning! Woo!



Beautiful stand design!


Oh great job! Love the details on the moon and the rocket! :grinning:


Great job!


You’re off to a great start!


I’m hoping to tackle some boxes next!


Oooooo, love the detail on the moon and rocket, and that stand is the bomb.


The 3d engrave is fantastic. Most laser cut stands are boxy and ugly, this one is very fancy. I don’t have a use for one but I still want it. Great job!


Looks like you nailed 3D! Love the curvature in the stand.