Free Art / Book Stand


I put this together recently. I’m selling the pattern on my etsy but you all can have it because we’re GF fam. :kissing_heart:This was made for 1/8 inch materials.

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Thank you very much! It’s a lovely stand with those flowing curves.


Thanks for sharing!


Thank you very much! That is very generous and by the way a lovely stand :slight_smile:


Thanks :blush: All the other stands I saw were boxy and utilitarian and I wanted pretty lol


This is a very nice design. Sorry, but where do we find the download file?


Oh very nice easel! :grinning:


Thanks for sharing!


I normally just right click save as. I hope that works, I’m new here.


It’s the drawing at the start of the first post…just right click on it and choose Save As to download it.


Perfect! Thanks again for sharing!


Good looking, simple, quick, and effective! Thanks!


Ooooo that mirror finish! :heart_eyes:


That’s the Avery Dennison POLYESTER series SW100-846-s perm SF (chrome mirror) adhesive film applied to light grey acrylic and masked before cutting.
(data sheet here)
Oracal 351 is a similar product. (data sheet)


thank you


Nice, Thank You for the share.


I’m thinking I might take this design and tweak it a bit so it’ll hold big cookbooks. I’ll be sure to post it when I’ve got it sorted.


This is just what I needed to display an antique plate of my husband’s. Thank you!


Nice. What’s your Etsy shop?


Wow i can’t believe its not pvc! Now you got my head turning, using these for cosplay!