Book Box and Holster


A friend asked me for a box for her tarot cards at LARP and I thought I could do something really cool for her. So here it is: the rack and pinion closure (thank you geek2nurse for the inspiration!) book box. Turning the key latches and unlatches the cover.

The base box is from a pattern found on Thingiverse. I used the Inkscape gears extension to create the rack and pinion set-up and designed the closure and holster in Inkscape. The spider is an icon from The Noun Project.

I’m really excited to make something awesome for a friend, and to get some exposure in the LARP community.


Your friend will love it, very impressive


Nice, I love the lock and key idea! Great work.


That’s gorgeous…really nice work!


Dig the way you incorporated the leather cover and the box lock. Looks fantastic as well. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful work!
A great option would be to add a loop so it can be worn on a belt!


There is one on the back. I just didn’t want to add too many pictures.




You’ve done something super cool for her! My favorite thing to do with the Glowforge is to make things for friends that are personalized (and no one else will have). :slight_smile: Beautiful piece!!


Gosh, truly amazing! The extra touches like that closure make it so special.


Kinda makes me proud – really nice job on the design!


What a fabulous gift!


Cool book! :grinning: