Both My Machines are down again.! 9/27/2020- time 10:30am

Please be aware: Stuck on Homing - Centering - Creeping very slowly

Update 10:59 am machines started working again.

Update: 12:32 pm Both machines have stopped again back at centering looks like yet another Update: 12 :37 pm both machines working again.

I think I’ve seen you’ve created numerous tickets for this same problem. I would suggest reading the sticky post about creating just one post or email as not to slow down their response to your issue.


This is a different day and a whole new problem: Since I have two machines I am very adept an notifying when the System is down or they are updating the software , over and over again.

This is why I am now updating times of the day and will start to add dates as we cannot rely on the glowforge system page .

Thank you .

Sounds like a good plan in keeping them confused on whats all going on, Best of luck in your ticket creation.


Got news for you: 12:35 pm Eastern time Glow Forge is updating again.

12: 37 pm and both machines are working again.

You still should do it in a single ticket. It will make it easier for them to troubleshoot, and will help not slow down response times for you AND everyone else.


I see that you’ve responded on your original forum post, so I will be capturing the information outlined in this thread, and following up with additional information on the original forum post.

Thank you!