Bought designs from catalog, not showing up to laser and not showing as already purchased

I bought several designs out of the catalog using some of my “founders waiting credits” and they are not showing up in my home screen to laser. Also they aren’t listing as “Already Purchased” in the catalog. Also my credits didn’t decrease at all in my account details page.

I logged out of everything and logged back in and that didn’t help.

Please advise.

I am so sorry that we missed this post! I’ve checked your account and I can confirm that you’ve purchased designs and they should show in your account. It’s possible that they won’t appear at the top of your dashboard when you sign in – make sure to click “show more” at the bottom of your dashboard.

If you still don’t see what you expect, could you let me know which you purchased so that I can research more deeply? Thank you!

Yes thank you Rita, all is good now.

Oh I’m glad to hear it!