Bought pg materials, tracking number isn’t real

On the 10th I bought some pg materials and got the shipping email on the 12th. The email says “Here’s your tracking link, so you can see exactly when it will arrive:” but the number isn’t a link and I input it into the shipping servive’s site and it says it’s not a reall tracking number.

Have you tried just Googling the tracking number? I was given a tracking number for one of my proofgrade orders and told it was UPS. It was actually a Fed Ex tracking number.


Also, you should email support if you want to get an official reply. They don’t monitor this category.

Not sure how quickly they are replying these days, but you might get the package before they get to you.

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Recently Glowforge has started using FedEx to ship many (all?) Proofgrade shipments. They haven’t updated their tracking number emails though, so those always say UPS regardless of which company they actually use to ship things.

If the tracking number begins with 1Z then it’s UPS. Otherwise it’s probably FedEx. Typing the tracking number into Google usually gets you the correct results.


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