Box and lid with handle

While beta testing the wonderful F360 addin by @jbpa I created this box, so figured it was only right and proper to share it :slight_smile:

It’s designed for 3mm plywood to friction fit snug, but you might want a touch of glue just on the lid handle because of how snug everything fits together.



Size: 100mm x 50mm x 100mm


Thank you for sharing. What is the overall size of the box. I can only copy and paste since there isn’t a download link and I want to make sure when I paste it, I have it sized like your photo :slight_smile:

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Oops, updated the post with the sizing. It’s 100mm x 50mm x 100mm :slight_smile:

Also added thingiverse link if that is easier :slight_smile:

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Just right-click on the SVG image and choose “save as.”

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that’s what I usually do but it only offers me “save picture as”…?? weird

Thanks for the shout out, but I have to credit @dehne1 for getting things started. I’m doing a lot of work on the plugin recently, but he’s the one that started it.


Your browser lumps SVGs in with image types. Just go with it – it works. :slight_smile:


Both you and @dehne1 deserve some serious kudos for that…I’m going to get a boatload of use out of it! :grinning: