Box dit dit



Yeah. It’s a box. Holds the calculator, scissors and Fiskars.

That is all. :sunglasses:


But it’s a pretty box!! :smile:


Very pretty box and desk set ya got going there :smile::smile:


Do you do on site consulting for organizational stuff? I just spent the afternoon sorting through all my desk stuff and work and filing papers and putting stuff away and trashing stuff no longer needed. But the work desk at home needs some of the Jules laser makeover!


beat me to it! I was just about to comment on how the only part of my desk right now is the keyboard :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can you do something to spiff up the keyboard? Well executed and beautiful set thus far. :sunglasses:


I’ve got my eye on those wooden key caps from the catalog, truth be told. :heart_eyes:


Your design collection should be in the catalog.


Can someone make a box with a cat in it?


Box… cats… box… cats…

Reminds me of this video. Just imagine “Box” instead of “boots”.


Thanks for that, but there are some real pros designing for the catalog. :smile:

(I might submit a few to the amateur gallery eventually. Lots of folks can do a heck of a lot better than this stuff…have you seen the recent displays?)


But that would be like offering up the Family Jules


Yes, it might at that…can I sell my children?

(Yeah, probably. Chuckle! ) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We are all Children of the Forge.

Soon, there will be an army of us, numbering in the thousands with advanced laser weaponry deployed by the mother ship across the globe. And to each device in our possession, some day in the not too distant future, a command will be sent to cut out a piece, a part, a component for a larger apparatus. We will study the piece, unsure of what it is, what it means. Soon, we will be overwhelmed by the curiosity of it all and will begin wandering the streets, part in hand, looking for an answer.

In time, we will come across another person with a different part, but one that fits effortlessly into our own. And on and on, this will repeat, over many weeks and months, until an incredible, amazing, new machine has been put together from pieces around the world. And I ask with a trembling voice, what will it do?


Extremely well written comment. I “likes” a lot. @Jules desk organizers are a great example of “forge” art and utility.


Uh…sweetie…yours are Pro worthy…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: We are our own worst critics.


A “professional” is really only someone that gets paid to do the thing and/or is actively competing (sports). Doesn’t mean they are necessarily any good at it. (You hope they are, but…)


:heart_eyes: (okay, coming from you…)


yes, yes, yes please!


Chuckle! You guys are all so sweet. (They might not need them you know…I’m sure they’ve got a lot of boxes and things already. I’ll submit a few, but I’m not going to get my feelings hurt if they say no.)

And I always think I can improve on a design…never happy with them as they are evolving, but you have to post it sometime. :roll_eyes: