cabinet hinge settings help for hinge box

I think I bit off more than I can chew with a project I’m trying to do as a gift for my husband. I’ve used boxes,py several times to design universal boxes with eye hinges. This time I wanted to do something different and wanted to design a hinged box using inside cabinet hinges. I thought I had everything correct but when I put the box together the hinges are really tight and it’s hard to open the box. I’m assuming it is something to do with the information I put in for the cabinet hinge settings but I’m not sure what. Is anyone familiar with designing hinged boxes using inside cabinet hinges that can help? I really don’t want to design a whole new box. Too much time/wood put into this one to just scrap it. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA!

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Could you share a photo of your box with the lid open for quick reference?


Without knowing your specific design, it’s hard to say. If the lid overlaps the rear panel, it will interfere when you try to open it.


If it’s just stiff, i used cutting board wax/oil to make my hinges open smoother and easier. I just added a drop and open and close it until it’s spread throughout. I don’t know about your box specifics, but that’s what worked for me with tight hinges.


If you don’t want to remake the box, you may have to buy different hinges.

If you bought exterior hinges you will want to recess them if you use them on the inside.


Could you please post a picture of your box showing hinges. I have used to make a box using cabinet hinges and had no problems.

Thank you


Thanks everyone for your offers of help. I got it figured out. It was all in the way I was putting it together. I tried to make things easier but apparently there’s a reason for following directions. :laughing:


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