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That was me. The original said “Jack.” Nice implementation!


That was the second one of your designs that I have made. I did the security police badge too. I should have known it was you that made the first one. :blush:

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About finger sizes in Boxes .py or boxes generally I have preferred to make the fingers as small as possible as they are usually stronger and IMHO nicer looking the smaller they are, but there are caveats.

When doing plywood the grain goes both ways and a finger size of half the thickness works well unless the plywood is soft where it can be crushed if too tight. In many hardwoods the fingers are very strong across the end-grain but split off easily if along the grain and often not used there for that reason. I prefer the look of fingers everywhere but increase the finger size to the thickness of the wood.

You can use the result straight away but if you want to modify the result you will need to connect all the lines as they are not connected and thus do not enclose a shape. When moving things in the GFUI care must be taken to select everything as it will be possible to grab only some of it.

Judging by your questions you’re pretty new to all this. I would suggest that you step back and read a ton of the basics:

There’s a lot covered here. We were all new once!

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