Made a simple bracelet. Working through making living hinges in fusion 360 that are fully parametric so that I can dial in some more fancy decorative bits.

The magnetic clasps are cheap on Amazon!



Love it and I really dig the clasp!


Looks like a hair puller. Nice idea. Change the hinge design, have a new bracelet.


No hairs pulled yet and I’m a hairy dude.


Very nice! :sunglasses:


Turned out really nice. Gonna have to look into those clasps.

This is a beautiful design!

The magnetic clasps are cool, but they do have some drawbacks. For one thing, they stick to everything :wink: . They also tend to wear out quickly (for this reason, many people use them with a safety chain to avoid losing the jewelry). They’re also not advised for folks with pacemakers.

Not out to be a downer, just thought I’d share those caveats for those contemplating these clasps. They’re cool, but quirky.

Edited to add - best for lightweight jewelry, notsomuchso for heavier pieces.


Thanks for the info!

I simply grabbed the first Amazon Prime clasp that looked like it would work well enough to try out a few ideas. I have no idea where I’m going with this. :slight_smile:

If you have any recommendations for other styles or sources of clasp, I would really appreciate it.

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You’re welcome!

Your bracelet may be a best use example for those clasps, given that that it’s probably fairly light weight.

I’m trying to think of other/similar clasp styles that might work for you. Off the top of my head, I’d check out Tierracast’s line of components designed especially for use with leather. Art Beads or Fusion Beads probably carry that line.

These designer clasps might work nicely for you too. They’re still magnetic, but the magnet is a back up to their main slide lock mechanism. Comes in 4 colors - spendy, but attractive.


I’d have to change the hinge pattern to support the sliding lock clasps! There isn’t enough lateral flex to support that.

But that’s just another interesting challenge. I may go for those clasps. They look really nice.

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Oops! Didn’t think about that :wink:

Very cool. Do you mind sharing the amazon link for the clasp? I wouldn’t mind making one of these for my wife. Thanks!

whoa, that is an elegant design. love how small and tightly packed the cuts are!

Sure. I picked these simply because they were cheap and had a 3mm opening. Amazon has quite a few others.


Great work!
I’m curious about the parametric living hinges in fusion 360. Is there anywhere that I can get info on that?

It is on the TODO list to write up. I also have the basis for fully parametric box design in Fusion 360 that includes parameterizing the # of tabs.

In short, make sure your constraints are exhaustive without being over constrained and any manual selection operations for purpose of intersection or extrusion will defeat parameterization.

In so many of the tutorials I see, the presenter goes down the path of parameterization, then invariably has a step in the middle that is something like “and now we hold down the shift key and select every other tab to then use the body as a cutting tool”. Works, but means that said manual step has to be redone every single time you change a dependent parameter.

WOW!! I’m speechless!

That’s amazing!

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Spiffy! I wonder how hard it might be to adapt something like this to Apple Watch lugs…

It isn’t hard! in fact, I have all the parts to do it and have been meaning to do so for about a year.

If you look on amazon, there are random Apple Watch band connector bits for cheap cheap. I have a few and have mocked up a wooden band, but just never got around to completing it.

Is that actual wood? What is the material of the bracelet? I might be asking a real obvious question here, sorry. :slight_smile:

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