Brand new Aura - lid open message

Just got the new Aura (literally today), setup wifi (took a few tries), but printer status keeps showing “lid open”. I checked the other support updates on this but they are all for the professional version, no mention so far of the Aura. Everything looks okay and there is no crumb tray on the Aura. Any suggestions?


I’m pretty sure the Aura determines that the lid is closed using magnets. Could you inspect the mating surfaces carefully and make sure there is nothing (like packing material maybe) blocking any of them? Maybe upload a photo here of your Aura, it might give us more ideas.


I’m having the same issue! I just bought mine last week and I can’t get past the Lid Open message.

No packaging in the way. I’ll upload a pic later today when home again. It does feel like the lid doesn’t lay perfectly flat. Wondering if I can test the magnets…? Don’t want to damage anything though.

The sensor is located on the front right edge of the lid opening…

The magnets are located in the front right edge of the lid…

So the front right corner of the lid must be down all the way. Take a picture clearly showing the lid seated completely and email them to support.

BTW, Welcome to the forum! :sunglasses:


Hi @catherine.curtiss @poparts2992 Welcome to Glowforge and excited that you have an Aura!

If you already haven’t, feel free to reach out to our Support team at and let them know your serial number and show them pictures of what is happening with your Aura and they can help you with the lid open message. Thank you!


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