Brand new GF stuck on focusing

I emailed support days ago about our brand new GF being stuck on focusing. I have tried everything and sent them pictures and I keep checking my email every 5 minutes to see if they have responded. It is so frustrating having a $4000 paperweight in my living room. It seems like support responds better on these forums than in email. Support, please help, I just wasted 3 days off not being able to test anything on this machine.

I see you are new to the forum, Welcome!

Although the issue could be several things the first suspect is usually WiFi connection integrity. During startup calibration there is a robust conversation between the glowforge and the server.
To test that you can create a hotspot with your phone and use that to connect your laser instead of your WiFi.
It helps the support staff to track down the incident in the machine logs if you can give the date/time and time zone of when you experienced the problem.

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Check the ribbon cable where it attaches to the print head. Make sure there are no bent pins in that connector, and make sure the connector itself is fully seated. There is a tiny clip on it that will make an audible snap when it locks into place, but it’s still easy to accidentally knock it loose.

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I have done this a bunch of times, the pins are straight, and it settles in past the click latch securely, but I never really get a satisfying click.

I don’t think my phone has the ability to create a hotspot. Is this something all phones and phone plans can do?

Phones can but plans may not allow it or may be an option you didn’t choose ($).

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I’m so sorry for the trouble. I can see that we’ve been working with you on this in email today so I’m going to close this thread while we continue to work with you there.