Brand new Glowforge Basic for sale in Toronto Canada!

Calling all Canadian Glow Forge Fanatics!! It is with great sadness that I am selling my new Glowforge basic. It was purchased in July 2021 and I have only used it about 3 times since purchasing it. As it is brand new, I am asking for $4500.00 Canadian dollars for it. I will also give you my remaining proofgrade materials, the original box it came with and the accessories it came with. Please contact me directly for more info. 437-242-2902.

$4500. CAD is a little over $3,500 US., about $500 lower than the current cost to buy new. Your machine is no longer brand new and is out of warranty. The tube will degrade over time even when idle also, so you may have to adjust your asking price. I suggest you remove your telephone number as this is a public forum. Invite interested people to send you a PM in the forum.


Thanks for your feedback ! Appreciate the feedback. I am open to negotiating with the right price. When buying and shipping to Canada you have to pay customs and shipping costs to get it here so I have already absorbed close to $900 cad to get it here which is a cost anyone would incur to buy from Canada.


I second that this seems like a steep price. A new Basic is ~3720$ CAD if you consider that you can easily get a 100$ referral discount. Shipping is an additional 450$ CAD.

In theory the import duties should be 3720*0.15=558$ CAD. Round up to 600$ to include the brokerage fees.

So the total cost is around 4770$ CAD for a brand new machine with a 6 month warranty.

I’m considering getting a Basic and I was initially interested by your post but it’s not worth the price. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss a better offer :).

Hi sebmarchand !
Thanks for the response. I’m willing to negotiate another price. Would you like to call or text me ?
I’m available anytime after 6/7pm most evenings

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