Brand new glowforge, will not cut on the right

I went through and properly set up my glowforge, did a test cut and when it goes to the right and in the down motion the beam seems to be dull, and does not cut the material. I am using proofgrade material as well.

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I sure hope Support is taking note. Am seeing a lot of these, “My new unit doesn’t cut on the right side”, type of reports lately. Used to be a rare issue but it seems to me that this is becoming less uncommon. Would be examining whether more units than before are being knocked out of alignment during shipment and identify the new weak link.

Each individual issue may have a different cause, for example material warping, but statistically this is starting to look relevant.


With a new unit other than ensuring the material is dead flat to the crumb tray there isn’t much else that can be done on your end. If the material flexes at all when pressed (warped) that may be enough to cause the laser not to cut through. Also, ensure that the head mirror is properly seated.

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I’m going to double check the mirror and lense, but after looking into the issue more, it does seem very common

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Hi, I see you already emailed us about this, and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.