Brand new out of the box and not working

Hi everyone, I am a new Glowforge owner. I unboxed set up and got ready to print and got the dreaded yellow light. It is telling me that I have an Air Assist error. I have followed all of the problem solving steps and still no luck. I was so excited and now I kinda want to cry. Any advice or possible solutions would be greatly appreciated

might be silly and you probably have tried it already but have you inspected the ribbon cable connection at the head? might not be clipped in all the way or possibly a bent pin?

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Also, make sure there isn’t a piece of packing material stuck in the air assist fan


Make sure the head is installed correctly, check the cable connection & that the cable is undamaged and laying flat on the gantry.

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I have inspected the one on the printer head and the fan on the plate. Both look clear and spin fine.

What about the 4 contact pins on the bottom of the printer head itself? if you press on them do they spring back up?

Can you check all of the cable connectors shown in the instructions linked below:

Post pictures of anything that looks unusual, don’t try to realign one of the cables if it is skewed.

not sure that applies here @Jules, the error message is about the air assist fan. but cant hurt i guess.

I think that error can also be triggered by a bad connection in the lid cable. Not sure, but like you said, won’t hurt to check.


I did check that…twice. I am willing to try anything

I will check!

Yes they all spring back!

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.