Brand new Printer head Stuck focusing

Just got a new Printer head, followed the steps to install it. But when I run the printer head setup. the machine centers and moves around. Then just gets stuck trying to focus the head, making 5 clicking sounds every 30 seconds or so.

I’ve checked all the ribbon connections, and cleaned out the unit multiple times.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like a cable or control electronics issue, not a head issue. Did the old head do the same?

Regardless, you should contact support about it.


Yes… i got a hold of them a few weeks ago and they said i needed to replace the head. and now i’m waiting on them to get back to me now that i have the new head installed.

I would pull out your packing materials. Also, ensure they will take the new head back and credit you for it.

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I had this problem when I first replaced my print head and i had to take the ribbon cable out of the print head and re snap it in for some reason , but it wouldn’t stop scanning and focusing , hops this helps


I’ve taken it apart a few times now. and i can hear the click on the ribbon every time. Thanks though.

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