Brand New Pro Machine Not working

We have been trying to complete the setup of our GlowForge Pro all weekend and have run into a few issues:

Issue 1: The big button is not glowing any color, we were able to connect to the wifi but the button still does not seem to be working when trying to do a print. Could this be a connection issue?

Issue 2: The camera is not recognizing print-grade materials even after cleaning the camera and restarting the machine several times.

Hi Katie! Welcome to the community.
So, you did get the button to glow teal to set it up? Does the button blink white when it’s ready to print?

Not recognizing the code has happened. In the upper left corner of the dashboard there is a place to pick the material.

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Have you been able to complete the first print? If you want help, return here and let us know and someone will try to assist you.

The button did not glow at all during setup but I was able to connect to the Wi-Fi, I have not been able to finish a print because the button doesn’t trigger the start of the print

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Can you please share a screenshot of the interface when you are ready to click the print button?

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