Brand new Pro, no laser

Just unboxed my brand new Pro. Tried to cut the gift of good measure on the medium draftboard proofgrade. Absolutely no laser is coming out. Everything else moves and such but no laser.

Make sure that the power settings in each step didn’t reset to 1 before you try it again.

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I put it at full power. Nothing. It’s the test cut item that has preset engrave, cut, etc.

You have insured that the lens is properly installed and that default settings have auto populated?

It’s brand new out of the box.

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When the machine is going through the motions of printing that “gift of good measure”, does the glass laser tube at the back appear to light up in the middle? The clear/copper colored core should glow kind of pink/purple when the Glowforge is cutting and engraving. If that’s not happening either, it sounds like it may have broken in transit and you’ll need a replacement. is the email to open a ticket with the company to get tech support and warranty coverage.

You still have to put the lens in and insure the interface has properly set the operations.

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No light in tube. I followed all steps in the setup tutorial.

Sounds like a hardware problem to me. Emailing Glowforge is your next step.

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I just had this exact thing happen today with a brand new Pro.

Glowforge is refusing to send a new replacement machine, only a refurbished one. That’s total BS since I purchased a new one and never got to use it. They also won’t let me send this one back in for repair nor will they give a refund.

So the result was the inner glass tube of the laser was cracked and the liquid was not were it was supposed to be. It was out of the inner glass tube and filled in the larger tube. The ONLY way this could have broken was during production as nothing else is broken and in order to break the inside glass tube you would have to break several things to get to it. Glowforge refuses to send new machine, I received a refurbished one yesterday. However they promised to extend my premium trial because I have yet to be able to use it. Of course they didn’t extended it.

For those who are thinking about buying a Glowforge, DON’T! There’s plenty of other lasers out there. Glowforge has the worst customer service and to be able to use anything on the machine you need the premium access.

Most all of the people in this forum already own Glowforges, so your message urging people to not buy one is going into the ether.

Oh…and by the way…this is a lie;
“to be able to use anything on the machine you need the premium access.”


Add to that the inconvenient truth that every machine is tested before being shipped out, and there are over 100,000 out there.


Are you saying that I broke it? It was broken out of the box. Not once has it ever cut anything.

No. Likely happened in shipping.

I am sorry you had a bad experience, but as others have pointed out this is a forum of Glowforge Owners so telling us not to buy one is a bit off topic. Many of us have operated our lasers for many years. Many years before current enhancements (premium subscription, better camera alignment, grouping and ungrouping tools, etc., etc., etc.) The interface has improved greatly and the machine is a well made hobby laser. You didn’t break it, but it got broken and you are understandably upset. Let Glowforge make it right and you will be making things and enjoying the benefits of owning your own laser in no time.

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