Brand new replacement not cutting (Not a refurb unit)

At this point I am literally at my wits end with Glowforge and the machines that have been sent to us. First machine, supposedly the tube was bad, second refurbished machine came with broken parts inside the machine, latest THIRD machine is not cutting through materials like it is supposed to and the cut lines are VERY wide compared to the other two machines. We have cleaned all of the lenses and required parts and even the new machine will no longer cut the gift of good measure. We got this new machine on Wednesday January 19th and have done very little with it and here we are yet again with an unsatisfactory machine. At this point I do not want to continue doing business with Glowforge as we have been through 3 machines now in 8 months and Glowforge cannot seem to get this right. I don’t understand how we continually are getting machines that cannot complete their intended tasks with the material that Glowforge supplies. We have taken the required pictures for your review and will await your response but as I said above we do not wish to continue business with Glowforge at this point as the machines are unreliable and the quality control does not seem to be there for a $6K machine.

First print was done at 4:24PM and the second print at both today January 21, 2022.

It would be best if you could email these photos with your written content directly to As of just a few days ago, support no longer monitors this part of the forum. If you wish to leave this post here, other members of the community might be able to offer you some advice. This is now community support not direct Glowforge support.

This is the same thing that we sent to Glowforge support. Waiting for a response.

Looks like your lens is in upside down - that’s what makes the cut lines so wide and weak. Try flipping it over and running the GoGM again.

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Lens is installed properly and this is what we’ve got. The machine has been turned on 4 times since Wednesday and just does not cut. This is our third machine so we are not new to this and new to lasers in general. These machines are VERY inconsistent and the fact that MANY people that are getting new machines have issues does not paint a good picture for these products. At this point I would not recommend this machine to anyone due to the amount of trouble they have been and the fact that they are marketed as being easy to use and starting a business with Glowforge is easy. Glowforge seems to be a marketing company that has built a laser and they’ve definitely nailed the marketing side.

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