Brass Rifle Shells and Dry Moly Lube

I know there is another topic about this, but I tried their settings and no luck. Anyone else having any success? I’m using Dry Moly Lube and I’ve tried 100/100, 100/Full, 600/Full, and many others. I just cant seem to make it work.

what about trying the Cermark product?

I did some for my son and the Cermark worked for me… Haven’t tried the Dry Moly Lube…

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What settings did you use with the cermark?

I used this today with great success. I used speed 970, full power (I have a Plus), and 2 passes.

Brilliance Laser Inks

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I use 600/fullpower/270/ 1 pass. I have a plus. I get great results with this. Just did some baby spoons last night!


I was unable to get Dry Moly to work on brass - it would look good, but wash off.
I used Laserbond100 (bought from Amazon) and it worked beautifully using @Xabbess’ settings:


First try, thanks for the settings. I’m going to have to spray some more coats.