Bringing DOOM to us all

Just realized that I didn’t get to share this on here for everyone who isn’t part of the facebook group. This one was one of my biggest hit projects that people talk about. The original DOOM cover revamped. Two layers thick and all sorts of shading. The more you stare at it the more you see!



Pretty awesome

Thank you!

What’s the overall size?

This is freaking AMAZING!!! Great job.

6 by 9

Thank you!

Love the comic book covers! Very cool! :sunglasses::+1:


Looks great.
The old sci-fi mags and comics all cry out for a good lasering.


Thanks everyone!

Gosh, it’s fantastic!


So cool!

I love these covers.

I really want to make another one and color it but I know there is so many shades of red in it, it would take awhile.

Amazing absolutely stunning, would love to understand how it was done. Were the top layer cut separately and then applied on the bottom layer with the appropriate shading done to each?

How long did the entire project take?

Editing took the longest on this one cuz there was overlays in the way and had to reconstruct the demons hand at the bottom. Then shading. all in all edit took probably 3 to 3 1/2 hours. then printing was about an hour and 15 to an hour and a half. They are two separate layers edited first as one layer then reedited to be pulled apart so the shading matches and blends. Then glued together with some wood glue.

Wow even more impressive, thanks for the insight.
I am miles away from that level of creation but should have something to aspire towards :slight_smile:

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This looks really good!This is such an iconic image.

I would’ve tried to get the logo to float above the head of Doomguy.

what settings did you use on glowforge and what program did you use to edit the original file? would love to learn how to do this!

I used Photoshop and Illustrator to edit. Settings will vary depending on the wood you use but I use natural maple with mdf core from menards and all settings and tips are on my notes tab for all my projects on my page: but for this specific wood settings can be found here: and then the lay out to get shadings and process of what the image should look like can be found here: hope this helps.