Broken bit inside bolt

My laser wasn’t firing so based on recommendations I took off the assist fan and the video I saw loosened the bolt on the right hand side when I tried putting it back on I thought I stripped the bold but my husband said I actually broke the bit inside of it. We bought a crew extractor but nothing - it’s not budging - help !!


If you can’t get that out, the machine will have to be replaced. If the laser “wasn’t firing” it’s probably dead anyway, the air assist has nothing to do with it.

In 5 years I have never touched that pulley. The belt comes off quite easily.


If the wheel is still functional you can just roll the belt back on it.
if it has to be replaced, that’s a tough one. With a Dremel-type tool, it may be possible to cut a slot in it for a driver, but being upside down tripled the difficulty.
Next option I can think of is to destroy the Wheel and bearing to get to the shaft that is screwed in, use pliers or vice grip to screw it off and buy a replacement from glowforge.


I would add a caution that the anchor the wheel is screwed into is not captive. With the shaft unscrewed there is nothing to prevent the anchor being displaced to where it isn’t accessible.
Great care is needed to carefully remove and replace the wheel to prevent a difficult problem.

I have read, but never tested, that the nut is steel and can be brought back into place with a strong magnet as the gantry itself is aluminum.

I like to test stuff but I’m not touching that pulley, ain’t broke, don’t need fixin’!

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