Broken Carriage Rollers

I have reached out to Glowforge support several times within the past week, via phone and email. The only response I’ve received is what I believe to be an autogenerated response. The carriage rollers on my printer are all broken and I need to have them replaced asap. They encourage you to call them to receive immediate support, however they just keep you on hold and then the call disconnects. How do you get to speak to a tech directly in an emergency situation? I need help ASAP.

Posting here opens a support ticket. Maybe add photos of which rollers you need and they will be able to help you quickly.

I have the same issue, and am waiting for support.

Thank you so much! I have included the photos.

How long have you been waiting? This is such a critical time for makers…

I found mine broken, on Saturday evening while cleaning. Luckily, the step son has a resin 3d printer, and printed a temporary replacement… it was a pain getting the bearing in, square, but it seems to work, for now.

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Thats the cleanest glowforge that I have ever seen. Support will take care of you.

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There’s a bunch of people selling replacement wheels on Etsy and eBay starting at $2.50 if you can’t wait for the OEM parts.



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Yes, I did order from a seller on Etsy…I’m just praying when it comes I can figure out how to replace them :joy:

The replacement come without bearings installed. You need to insert them yourself. Easiest way is to use a bolt, nut and washer. Put the bolt through the bearing, then the wheel, then the washer. Put on the nut and slowly tighten until the bearing seats, equal distance inside the wheel. This will ensure it goes in square. If it goes in twisted, the wheel will not turn evenly and you will need to start over.

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Thank you so much. I will surely reference this when the time comes.

Fingers crossed the Etsy solution works. Once support gets here it seems to be a week or so to get parts shipped (presuming they’re in stock).

For future reference, reach out once - they will contact you, but in the order received. Any additional contacts slows them down, both from responding to you since they a have to find/verify/close all your open tickets before they can respond to your first, and everyone else since instead of helping you and moving on they’re spending time closing multiple open tickets.
As you noted it’s the holidays, they are extra busy, (they commented recently that people are printing over 10,000 items per hour) - you can imagine the bump up between people who need assistance learning how to use these machines, and people who break things (and parts are running out of stock because there is still a supply chain issue worldwide).

This would be a great time for you to find out if there is another laser in the area you can use - time is available on :glowforge:s at JoAnn fabrics, there might be other :glowforge:rs in your area, or other people with different types of lasers. As you seem to be using it for a business it’s wise to have a back-up plan!

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Thank you so much for the advice on contacting them. I think I was in panic mode and never having to deal with their customer service before, I think I had high expectations. I will most definitely look into backups. This is definitely a learning moment. I appreciate the GF Community…all of you ROCK! I can almost always find the answers and resolutions to any issues I may have had on this forum.


The joy of a baby company is they can make changes fast
The downside is their staffing levels lag behind their customer levels :slight_smile:
I’m waiting for the day when they have hundreds of waiting-for-your-call reps because everyone should get to have this laser in their house :smiley:

I agree!

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Hello! I’m so sorry for our delayed response; I’m afraid we’re a bit backed up due to the holiday season.

I see you already emailed us about this and we got you a reply earlier this week, so I’m going to close this topic.