Broken driver belt wheel and carriage plate rear wheels

Hello, I apologize if this creates a duplicate ticket but I’ve submitted two since Sunday but have not gotten any email notification that they were received/logged. My right driver belt pulley wheel on the laser arm has broken and I need a replacement. Also both of my rear carriage plate wheels are badly cracked and I expect they’ll break fully shortly. I have temporary replacements for these things but would like to know how to go about getting official replacements that I can trust. Please let me know if my tickets were received and are in process.
Thank you.

The parts you’ve mentioned will require emailing Glowforge support, they are not available on the site, and the rear wheels are not currently available to order independently. To get the rear wheels you’ll need to order a complete carriage plate assembly (approximately $150.00 cost), but the side belt can be ordered directly.

Glowforge does typically stock both items, the belts and carriage plate assembly, but sometimes runs out of stock. The belts are typically sold with a new connecting block, a part that is not absolutely necessary to replace, but that’s how they have decided to package them.

If they are out of stock, I can provide both items. I sell Glowforge spares and keep a stock of most parts available, on hand, for quick delivery. Feel free to message me if you need my assistance.

Hi @Jobacca. I sincerely apologize for the delayed response. I saw you were able to get in contact with my colleague, Mercedes, yesterday through email. To avoid any potential confusion, I’ll close this thread to consolidate communications to the email thread. Thank you!

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