Broken laser head wheels


I received my Glowforge Pro a month ago with no issues (it was my second machine because the first one had problems). I noticed small ‘‘bumps’’ in my cuts past Monday. I stopped everything and looked at the laser head to see if something was wrong with it (as suggested in GF groups). One of the wheels was cut in half… I’ve seen lots of post about those wheels broken off so I wasn’t surprised. The thing is, I immediatly contacted support by email Monday and still no response from them 5 days later. I had to closed my business because I can’t use the machine… I’m pretty frustrated to be unable to speak/ communicate quickly with someone at support… Maybe this post will help.

You should have received an immediate automated response with a ticket number, then it can take about a day for them to respond in-person.

If you didn’t get the automated response, check your spam folders.

Posting here opens another ticket, however, and they will respond within one business day. They will replace the part.

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I received an email saying that they will contact me within 24h but nothing since… There is nothing in my spam folder.

Hmm… support has been active here as usual - and tickets opened here or by email go into the same queue.


I’m terribly sorry about our slow reply. I’ve located your email and we’ll be following up shortly.

We’ll continue to work on this there, so I’m going to close this post.