Broken laser holder

the rack that holds the laser whiles its moves came off track. How do i put it back.

The whole gantry, or the carriage that holds the head itself? If the whole gantry, make sure you’re not placing your material outside the honeycomb portion of the tray. If it overlaps onto the plastic frame of the tray, it will knock the gantry off-track. Just turn the machine off and carefully push it back into position, and you should be good to go.

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it wont snap back in…

its the piece that holds the laser, that allows it to move back and forth

You didn’t say whether it’s the gantry or the carriage.

Can you post a photo?

You may just want to post a picture.

They may not know what the word ‘gantry’ means. I know I didn’t for a long time. Yes…a photo would help a lot.

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I fixed it but thank you

I’m so sorry to hear that you hit this snag, but I’m glad you were able to resolve the trouble. I’ll close this thread for now, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at in the future if you run into any more trouble. We’re here to help!