Broken Lid

Yesterday I loaded a project into my GlowForge and as I was closing the lid I heard a loud POP / SNAP, which scared the crap out of me. The lid then wouldn’t close properly and I noticed that at the hinge it looks like somehow whatever is used to adhere the lid to the hinge came apart. I have had the GlowForge since the original release as I got in on the crowdfunding level. The laser has since been on a table and I’m the only user and I handle it carefully. I am able to manipulate the lid to close it and be able to operate the machine, but would like it to be fixed.

I guess what I’m looking for is if there is something I can do about this or if maybe there is someone in the STL, Mo. area who knows how to fix the issue?

If you run a search for something like “Lid adhesive” you should find info from other folks who have had that problem. It can be fixed at home with the right glue which you will find recommended in those posts.


That’s bad to hear that it’s a common problem. I saw one post about it and it seemed to be the same issue on the same side of the machine.

I don’t believe it’s a common problem, but it has happened. We tend to hear about the problems not the lack of problems.



I’m so sorry to see your Glowforge lid is separated from the hinge.

The next steps I will be sending some information through email please check your email inbox and spam filter just in case.

To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.

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