Broken print head wheel

The right print head wheel on my Glowforge Plus has split in two. I noticed it when I was cleaning my lens after an erratic scoring issue occurred. This is likely why the scoring was erratic rather than the lens. I dont see that there are any on the site to order. How can I quickly get a replacement and how can I order?


Support is extra busy right now during the holidays…but keep the faith, they will get back to you.


To get a repalacement wheel ASAP, send an email to with the following:

  • “The [front/back] wheel on my carriage plate is broken and I need a replacement.”
  • Attach photo of the carriage plate showing the split wheel
  • “The serial number of my Glowforge is: [number]” (on the back of your machine)
  • “My mailing address to ship the wheel to: [address]”
  • "My phone number is: " (FedEx needs this depending on shipping method they use)
  • “Please send the replacement wheel by [ground or overnight].” (You can pay for overnight shipping if you wish)

That will give them the information they need to check your warranty status, order you a wheel, and if you’re out of warranty or wanting to pay for overnight shipping, prepare the invoice for you to pay for it. If you omit any of this information, that means another round of emails between you which can add another business day to your wait.

Best case scenario, if you get them all the information they need and someone is able to process your ticket over the weekend, the wheel could be in the mail on Monday and at your door on Tuesday. That’s how fast they were able to get me a replacement carriage plate in the past when I damaged it.


Thank you, I did what you outlined. I appreciate you!


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, you should expect an email shortly. I’m going to close this topic.