Broken wheel! Cutting crooked

I couldn’t figure out why my rectangles were off. I measured and redesigned everything thinking I was the problem.
However I dove deeper and found the actual wheel is broken! It is metal, there is no piece in the machine. Which makes me think it came this way.
what a nightmare. All I want is my money back.

I’m sure they will send you replacement wheels.

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I sure hope so. Just so frustrating! My original machine lasted barely 3 months. The replacement is now at 3 months. In 6 months I have had 2 machines be messed up.
I don’t know how to even get in there and replace the wheel. It is all connected to the entire carriage.
I am still paying off the balance of the Pro. I bought the pro thinking, if I invest in the best, IT WILL LAST. Wrong:(
G.f. blows.
Should have bought the epilog

Search through support. There are a lot of resources for pulling the carriage plate and replacing the wheels. They have had some bad luck with those wheels lately. I’m hoping they find a new supplier for them.

These aren’t the wheels under the head. These are the rollers that move the machine forward and back. From the support I could find. Lots of broken wheels under the carriage plate/ removable head .

Same premise. Just have to pull the gantry to replace them.

Got it

That really blows. FWIW my experience has been flawless since 2017, so I know what is possible.
Sorry your experience has been so disappointing, but welcome to the forum.

What model? Sometimes newer isn’t better. Seems like the older machines were more reliable.

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Not really. There were just fewer of them. There are tens of thousands of Glowforges out there now. The percentage of failures hasn’t changed, but 5% (just guessing) of 50,000 is a whole lot more than 5% of 1,000, so it seems like there are more issues.

Sorry to hear you are having troubles, I can only imagine your frustrations, but I have a newer machine ( had it a year) and have never had any issue.

What kind of issues did you have with the other machine? How long did you use this one before it wouldn’t cut correctly?

The first machine did all sorts of random mid cuts and misalignments. The fan was acting up, the wifi didn’t work. After a month, it stopped cutting even 1/8".
This refurb machine they sent, has been barely used. It never has cut well. I have to do cuts multiple times. The biggest thing was cutting not a perfect rectangle. That is when I thought the tray may have something under it. Upon removal and cleaning, I saw the wheel was broken in half. It is a big piece, there is not a kissing piece in the tray anywhere.

I did have a problem the other day.
It wouldn’t even cut paper… Wasted a whole day.
I just don’t think it should be this hard!
I used an epilog for year’s and never had problems.

Not to mention. Support! It takes so long to get help here.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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