Broken wheel - help

HELP! I have a broken wheel and a lot of jobs. How do I replace the front left wheel on carriage. It’s cracked.


I don’t even see option to buy one

A staff member will be here ASAP to get you hooked up. They don’t sell them in the store (yet).
It’s probably worth taking the time to find a back-up laser in your area - either another owner or something like a Tech Shop - that way you have a place to go when your machine is down.

When they contact you my suggestion is that you have them send you extras. They come in packages of two for the front of the carriage, I would guess that the others come the same way.


Hello @goble208 - I’m sorry to hear you’ve found this broken part. I’ve just responded to your email ticket with some next steps to get the ball rolling so we can replace this part for you. Please keep an eye out and check your spam folders if you don’t see it come through.

Since we’ll be finishing up via email I’m going to ahead and close this topic. Please feel free to reach out via that email thread if you have any questions or concerns.